Developing VET learning resources

The main objective of the event was to present, in a timely manner and with ad hoc reflections, the tools made within the project, e.g.: the desk survey on the characteristics and trends of WBL in Italy; the results of focus groups on the perceptions of students, operators and companies; the platform to support European mobility. The event was also an opportunity to understand the advantages that a European networking experience, such as the one carried out with, can bring in terms of increased planning capacity and collaboration between partners in the sector.

The presentation of the tools developed as part of the Eduwork.Net project, and in particular the Virtual Networking Space, made it possible to reflect on the state of WBL in Italy and to provide the first reflections on the relationship between VET and companies, especially on the methodological side and on the teaching approaches that are used. In particular, the Virtual Networking Space, has highlighted the fact that although there are many European strategies, policies and programs offered to contribute to the development of training policies, very often Italian training providers and SMEs are not as well informed about the opportunities or do not benefit from them as they should.

The event was held online on 24th February 2022. 30 people took part of which 20 were main stakeholders.

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