DIEK Aigaleo Public Vocational Thematic Training Institute hosted the local networking event for South Greece in Aigaleo, Athens on Monday 21st March 2022 as part of the Erasmus+ Eduwork.Net project. With the help of the SSPAE (ASSOCIATION BOARD FOR CONNECTION PRODUCTION AND LABOUR MARKET) of West Attica, Piraeus & Islands manage to host over 20 representatives from the local the Employers, Chambers of Commerce, VET Schools and Institutions Directors as well as representatives from a range of industries such as engineering, naval, healthcare, hospitality and local councils. We also had representatives from business including software development, digital media, and shipyards companies along with representatives from the Department of employment offices attending the event.

In line with COVID19 restrictions the event was limited to 20 people with a full agenda. The group was welcomed by Mr. George Diamantopoulos the President of SSPAE of West Attica, Piraeus & Islands, Director of DIEK Piraeus and President of PANEDDIEK and Mr. Dimitris Kiriakos, Director of DIEK Aigaleo, Special Secretary of PANEDDIEK and member of the board of SSPAE of West Attica, Piraeus & Islands. The agenda included:

  • Presentation of Eduwork.Net project activities, analysis of WBL situation in Greece and project partner countries, information on the survey of VET graduates on experience in internships and WBL, survey findings, information on the virtual networking space, its benefits for online users, international activities and mobility possibilities.
  • Labor Market Needs Diagnosis and the connection with WBL and apprenticeship the current situation in Athens, Greece
  • Vocational Training Schools and connection with companies with WBL
  • Needs of creation of Vocational Schools connected with the local Industry to practice WBL
  • Networking and cooperation between VET providers and companies: common goals and mutual benefits – discussion with participants
  • Summary of the discussion, possible follow –up activities

In the meeting was outlining the range of training options available within EPAS, EPAL & DIEK Institutions and training centers including Work Based Learning and apprenticeships, and Skills that are required from the local industry in order to give greater access to Work for the students.

Emphasis was given for the connection of the Shipyards Industry and the need for creating a new type of School for EQF/NQF Level 3 students called ESK Vocational Training Schools specialized in the Shipyard industry and with great emphasis in the WBL program that will give the opportunity to students to work in the specific industry sector that is looking for new specialized workers.

In the meeting was discussion about how small to medium enterprises  can be supported through the program of WBL and apprenticeship in order to invest in and development of their workforce so they can adapt to changes in technology, markets and work practices. There was also outlined some of the challenges that arise and identified the importance of collaboration between the provider and the employer as the key objective to ensure a successful work based learning program.

Finally, the Eduwork.net program manager Mr Kiriakos, provide a brief overview of the project outlining the project objectives which including organising the networking event and the production of an Employer’s Information Pack which was distributed to all attendees. An  introduction to the Eduwork.net website and explanation of the purpose of the vetmobility.eu virtual networking space was given, in order to encourage networking and making connections between VET providers and employers both at home and abroad, using the Erasmus+ / Pro program. That was an opportunity to promote the Project Support Office of Greece and how it could benefit VET providers and employers who were interested in VET Internationalisation through VET Mobility.

The meeting had coffee breaks and a light lunch that allowed for networking opportunities and a chance to discuss the future collaboration between companies and VET Schools and Institutions. The response from all attendees was very positive with several people making connections for future discussions.


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