It is time to meet each other and discuss about emerging issues that concern our community of VET providers and Companies in the framework of Covid- 19 era.

During the last two years both VET providers and Employers needed support and not all have been used to high degrees of digital interaction. Nonetheless, in networks we discovered that VET providers and Employers were determined to continue providing Work Based Learning by developing new agile work-based learning models and transformed Covid-19 pandemic into an opportunity for creativity and innovation.    

We are happy to announce that we organize a webinar on innovation, adaptation and effective practice in work-based learning during the covid-19 pandemic and on the support that the Virtual Networking Space can provide in this context. During the webinar best practices will be presented out of which you can get inspired and apply them in your organisation. Work Based Learning provides mutual benefits for VET providers and Companies and we should all exploit this opportunity.

Also the opportunities of our Virtual Networking Space will be explored so that effective Networking can be promoted. If you are not already registered, please follow this link and be part of our virtual community!

The webinar will take place on 28/4/2022, 15:00- 16:25 CET through ZOOM.



15:00- 15:05 Welcoming of participants- Presentation of speakers Zoe Batsi, IDEC  
15:05- 15:15 Introducing Eduwork.Net Tiziana Piacentini, CIOFS- FP Italy  
15:15- 15:40 Innovation, Adaptation And Effective Practice  In Work-Based Learning During The Covid-19 Pandemic Richard Parkes, RINOVA UK  
15:40- 16:10 Eduwork.Net Virtual Networking Space: Making mobility and networking easier for VET providers and Companies Zoe Batsi, IDEC Greece   Tutorial on the platform  Panagiotis Mourelatos, IDEC Greece
16:10- 16:25 Conclusions, Discussion (Q&A)

We look forward to meeting you soon!

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