This first local networking event which took place online on 1st February 2022 had as main objective to introduce the contents and services offered by the most salient product realized in the project, i.e. the Virtual Networking space, and it was illustrated how it can concretely contribute to a greater European mobility. Another very important section of the event was dedicated to illustrate the objectives, beneficiaries and modalities of participation of the Erasmus+ Program call for proposals for “Individual Mobility School Education, Adult Education, Vocational Training”.

The event confirmed that despite the availability of mobility funds, through Erasmus+ and its predecessor programs, offers VET trainers and students the opportunity to travel abroad to exchange good practices and improve their skills, still unfortunately, a large number of VET providers (including staff and students) participate in mobility in a limited way or not at all, probably due to both cultural and information gaps. The platform wants to contribute to support and enhance the participation of VET providers and companies in European mobility programs.

25 peopple attended the event of which 10 were main stakeholders.

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