What: Vocational Education and Training Local Networking Event in Milan, Italy
Who: Hosted by Assolombarda and attended by 19 representatives from the Region Lombardia, Companies, VET Institutions
When: 10th of March 2022
Why: to discuss best practices and economic opportunities for companies and VET institutions that have been implemented in the last two years

During the event participants and focus groups discussed three main issues:
1) legislation, labor law notes, organizational processes;
2) regional and European funding;
3) best practices and internationalization / mobility as a solution.

5 years after the launch of the Dual System in Italy and Lombardy and in the face of the opportunities of the PNRR, conclusions of the Erasmus project “Eduwork.Net” offered an opportunity to compare and analyse between institutions, business systems and Education and Professional Training in order to activate the dual paths; that is alwasy in close collaboration between companies and professional training bodies (apprenticeship for the achievement of a qualification, alternation, internships). The meeting offered a moment of reflection to identify new lines of development that will allow fostering the integration of young people, companies and Vocational Training Centers in an increasingly international and European job market.

Thanks to the two experts from the Lombardy Region, participants were able to find out about the planning and financial opportunities of the next period regarding the training area. The event raised awareness of the opportunities arising from WBL paths, in particular for the first level apprenticeship. Additionally, it allowed for the creation of a discussion group (network) for the exchange of good practices and support for future initiatives, as well as to identify critical elements to be addressed and indications for improvement to be activated.

The meeting saw protagonists from companies and vet organizations. Everyone was able to bring their own reflections, work anecdotes, and wishes for the future design of the WBL paths. One of the obstacles that are still strong in Italy is the interference of parents in the life and choices of children studying at secondary school, which also affect the greater or lesser personal motivation of young people to want to both study and work.
The challenge in the future will also be to make the hours of study in the classroom appreciated more because young people prefer to work and see studying at school as a waste of time: we must make people understand the importance of both.
The participants all agreed on the fact that Companies, Schools and Families must collaborate more and more in synergy for the best personal human growth of young people. The work environment, colleagues at work, class at school and teachers, all have a very important social value, especially in instilling greater “motivation”, in general, to the younger generations.

During the meeting, a number of outputs were displayed including, the Information Pack, context research, students tracking survey, and the Eduwork.Net Virtual Networking Space.

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