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Eduwork.Net´s Virtual Networking Space is a free of charge online platform for VET providers and companies interested or already working on European mobility projects. One of the many advantages of joining the VNS is gaining the support and advice of our European Project support offices.

We caught up with our local support specialists to discuss the advtanges of European mobility programs in the VET sector, and how Eduwork.Net can help.

Why are European mobility programs important in the VET sector?

Zoe Batsi, Greek Support Office: European mobility programs are of utmost importance for VET Sector for many reasons. Firstly, the participants acquire an international perspective of VET and benefit from the experience, methodology and best practices of the hosting organisation. Secondly, they develop hard and soft skills and competences in the area of their interest. At last but not least, the knowledge and experience is shared with the sending organisation, so the the whole organisation takes advantage of the mobility outcomes.

Inga Puisa, Lithuanian Support Office: European mobility programs in the VET sector provide one of the most important experiences for students in their learning journey. They can gain new knowledge and skills and at the same time receiving experiences in new countries.

Geraldine McElvaney, Irish Support Office: European mobility programs provide participants with an opportunity to experience different cultures and learn about and from the hosting organization. It is a chance to meet new people, learn about different approaches and share best practice that can benefit both the participants and their organisations.

How can your office support newcomer organizations on their mobility journey?

European Support Offices will make the mobility easier for you also by taking advantage of the services provided by the VET mobility platform (https://vetmobility.eu/). The offices provide support to newcomers through webinars in your national language, by sharing guidelines and support to the preparation phase and before submitting the application. The officers will also respond to all questions in your national language through the vetmobility platform.

Find out more about our European Support Offices and how to contact them by visiting the Virtual Networking Space.



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